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Sell and Buy FFXI Accounts


FFXI accounts are often just canceled when the player does not want to play the game anymore. Can you imagine playing a game for years and years and just quitting? Imagine all of the time you spent playing FFXI and just quitting or canceling your account. All of the monthly payments and just the sheer amount of time you spent playing the game really add up.


Many players who quit the game after playing for a long time have learned that they can earn money by selling their own ffxi account and no longer having to wish they got something for all of their hard work. Thousands of players who are new to Final Fantasy are willing to pay so they do not have to start off at a low level. This enables players to sell their Final Fantasy XI accounts and make money.


If you are starting off with a new FFXI accounts you will have to play for months just to get a good character and be able to truly enjoy this awesome MMORPG. Many players spend so much time just trying to get to a level that is fun that they end up quitting because they become bored or just tired of trying to level their characters up.


If you decide that you want to enjoy the game right from the start, you can just buy a good account from a player who has already built up their accounts and has decided to sell. It is that easy to get started. In most cases you can be up and running with a great character in no time at all.


Get the best buy Final Fantasy XI accounts and start off playing this awesome game and be one of the best players in the game. If you have an old account, or one you are just tired of, you can simply sell it and make money! Not fake game money, but real money.